New Zealand Native Shane Green Releases Culture Hacker, a Testament to His Life's Work in Company Culture

Culture Hacker: Reprogramming Your Employee Experience to Improve Customer Service, Retention, and Performance

Culture Hacker Will Be Available in Stores on April 24, 2017

Las Vegas business magnate and New Zealand native Shane Green has announced the upcoming release of his new book, Culture Hacker: Reprogramming Your Employee Experience to Improve Customer Service, Retention, and Performance. This guide to improving company culture and the employee experience is a testament to Green’s wealth of knowledge from working with company cultures globally.

Green grew up in Stratford, New Zealand before attending Canterbury University where he studied marketing and business psychology. Both of his studies are utilized in his consultancy group, Shane Green and his training company, SGEi. His multicultural background affords him opportunities to collaborate with multinationals and Global Fortune 500s. His expertise in customer and employee experiences began as an hotelier at the Ritz-Carlton Marina del Rey, later as the General Manager of Hayman Island in Australia, and continued as the Vice President of Operations for Cipriani. He has since transferred that expertise in modern luxury hospitality to other industries, including automotive, retail, residential real estate, health care, and others. “My foundation in hospitality imbued me with refined and relevant employee and customer service practices, which translate well to other industries. Great customer service and experiences are crafted by employees who feel valued, cared for, and have opportunities to grow. Our Culture Hacker Methodology is about instilling and inspiring the right mindset and attitude to deliver the type of experiences the modern customer seeks out and deserves,” Shane Green stated.

Green worked extensively with global hospitality brands in Asia, as well as international cruise lines and resorts in Europe and the Caribbean before expanding his consultancy to other industries. “While each client we have worked with has had a unique product or service, the fact remains that success is defined and delivered from their company’s culture regardless of their industry or nation,” Green stated. “Culture Hacker is a testament to the global nature of company culture, and the book’s insights will bring to life the employee experience for businesses everywhere.”

Culture Hacker, a Wiley publication, will be released April 24, 2017.

About Shane Green: As a catalyst for the modern service economy, Shane Green and his team inspire companies and their people to move beyond the mundane and out of status quo so they want to exceed the expectations of their internal and external customers. Shane Green has worked with brands like the NBA, Westfield, Foot Locker, NetJets Inc., MSC Cruises, W Hotels, Madison Square Gardens, Cisco Systems, and BMW to reprogram their employee mindset and skills to create loyal customers and raving fans. To learn more about Shane Green brand and the Culture Hacker Methodology, contact the team at

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